The Japan Iron and Steel Federation



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    Organisme non gouvernemental
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    WTO Members
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Champ d'activité

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation's standardization activities include the following: - Preparation of draft Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS); - Secretariat of Technical Committees and Subcommittees of ISO/TC 17 (Steel); ISO/TC 17/SC 1 (Methods of determination of chemical composition); ISO/TC 67/SC 5 (Casting, tubing and drill pipe); ISO/TC 102 (Iron ore and direct reduced iron); ISO/TC 102/SC 1 (Samples); - Participation in meetings of: ISO/TC 17 (Steel); ISO/TC 67 (Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum and natural gas industries); ISO/TC 102 (Iron ore and direct reduced iron); ISO/TC 164 (Mechnical Testing of Metals); ISO/TC 176 (Quality Management and quality assurance); - Publication of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation Standards (JFS); - Other activities


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Programme de travail


1) Standardization and Quality Control
2) JSA homepage



Fréquence de mise à jour/Période visée

At least once every six months


1) JPY 960.- (+ consumption tax)
2) Free

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Japanese Standards Association (JSA)
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