Consumer Product Safety Association [CPSA]




2nd Floor Misawahomes-Minowa
2-20-2, Ryusen
JP-TOKYO 110-0012

Tel: + 81 35 80 83 300
Fax: + 81 35 80 83 305

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Champ d'activité

CPSA was a specially-authorized corporation established in 1973 under the Consumer Product Safety Law. It was reorganized to a general foundation in 2012. CPSA performs the preparation, adoption and application of safety standards of consumer products; for example, furniture, sports goods, products for babies, CPSA also carries out procedures for the assessment of conformity

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Accès au programme de travail

(1) Consumer Product Safety Association: SG News, 2018. 06
(2) Consumer Product Safety Association: Home Page ;
(3) Japanese Standards Association: Home Page;
(4) Japan External Trade Organization: JETRO DAILYTSUUSHOU-KOUHOU, 2019.06.17

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At least once every six months


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(1) Consumer Product Safety Association (see address above);(4) Japan External Trade Organization (address below)
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