CEI - Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) - Italie


Via Pietro Andrea Saccardo, 9

Tel: + 39 02 21 006 1
Fax: + 39 02 21 006 210
E-mail: cei@ceinorme.it
Web: http://www.ceinorme.it

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CEI’s mission, as the Italian Standardization Organization in the electric, electronic and telecommunications fields, is to improve the quality of life, safety of people and environmental protection, fulfilling the rights, needs and ideas of the community, through the broad consensus of all parties involved in the standardization process. This mission is fulfilled by and pursuing the following goals: - Preparation, publication, promotion and distribution of technical standards in the electric, electronic and telecommunications industries for material, equipment, machinery, installation, processes and programs, setting the relevant quality and safety requirements needed for their conformity with the best practices; - Promotion and dissemination of technical-scientific culture and of electrical safety in particular, performing a number of standardization and pre-standardization activities, which includes: publication of technical standards at national level, endorsement of those harmonized according to European Directives; co-ordination actions, research & development, communication and training activities in co-operation with the other parties involved in the standardization process at a domestic, European and international level.

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CEI - Comitato Electrotecnico Italiano
Point d'information de l'OMC:
Via Pietro Andrea Saccardo, 9
Tel. + 39 02 21 006 1
Fax + 39 02 21 006 210
E-mail cei@ceinorme.it