EVS - Estonian Centre for Standardisation - Estonie


Akadeemia tee 21/6
12618 Tallinn

Tel: + 372 605 50 50
Fax: + 372 605 50 70
E-mail: info@evs.ee
Web: http://www.evs.ee

Type d'organisme à activité normative

Organisme non gouvernemental

Statut de Membre de l'OMC

WTO Members

Champ d'activité

All fields of standardization activities. Full member of ISO, CEN and CENELEC, associated member of IEC. EVS publishes and sells information about Estonian standards and offers trainings.

Année d'acceptation du Code OTC de l'OMC


Accès au programme de travail

Programme for developing Estonian Standards. A print-out of data related to the work programme is available on request or electronically on the EVS homepage: www.evs.ee > Standardisation > Projects in Progress > Standards programme

Lien vers le programme de travail

http://www.evs.ee/Standardimine/Toosolevadstandardid/Standardimisprogramm/tabid/165/language/enUS/ Default.aspx

Fréquence de mise à jour/Période visée

Data in the database is constantly updated (monthly)




Estonian Centre for Standardisation
Point d'information de l'OMC:
Akadeemia tee 21/6
12618 Tallinn
Tel. + (372) 605 5062
Fax + 372 605 50 70
E-mail enquiry@evs.ee