Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny (Polish Committee for Standardization) [PKN]




Swietokrzyska st. 14, P.O. Box 411
PI 00-950 Warszawa I Poland

Tel: +( 48 22) 5567 661
Fax: +(48 22) 5567 780
E-mail: wto.tbt@pkn.pl
Web: http://www.pkn.pl

Type d'organisme à activité normative

Organisme non gouvernemental

Statut de Membre de l'OMC

WTO Members

Champ d'activité

Creating national standardization policy; elaborating, amending and updating of Polish Standards; implementation of international and European standards into the Catalogue of Polish Standards; cooperation with international, regional, European and other national standards bodies;disseminating information, publishing and promoting activities relating to all fields of standardization

Année d'acceptation du Code OTC de l'OMC


Accès au programme de travail

Program prac normalizacyjnych na rok 2019 (2019 Standards Work Programme)

Lien vers le programme de travail


Fréquence de mise à jour/Période visée

Year 2019 / Note: the annual programme is updated monthly


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Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny (Polish Committee for Standardization)
Point d'information de l'OMC:
Swietokrzyska st. 14
PL 00-050 Warszawa
Tel. +( 48 22) 5567 661
Fax +(48 22) 5567 780
E-mail wto.tbt@pkn.pl