African Organisation for Standardisation [ARSO]




ARSO Central Secretariat
3rd Floor, International House
Mama Ngina Street
P. O. Box 57363-00200
Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 254-020-2224561/311641/ 311608

Type d'organisme à activité normative


Statut de Membre de l'OMC

Observer organization to the WTO TBT Committee

Champ d'activité

The principal mandate of ARSO is to harmonise African Standards and conformity assessment procedures in order to reduce Technical Barriers to Trade and therefore promote intra African and international Trade as well as enhance the industrialization and competiveness of Africa. • Harmonize national and / or RECs standards and issue necessary recommendations to RECs and Member bodies for this purpose; • Initiate and coordinate the development of African Standards with references to products which are of particular interest to Africa; • Encourage and facilitate adoption of International standards by member bodies; This is done based on the ASHAM (African Standards Harmonisation Model) which defines the methodologies for the development, adoption and publication of African standards. Wherever feasible, and with the necessary modifications, the procedures are based on the relevant ISO/IEC Directives. Cognizance has also been taken of the WTO TBT Agreements (Code of Good Practice).

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Catalogue of African Standards and others (

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Based on the Business and Work Plan of the various THCs which meets almost twice a year


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Point d'information de l'OMC:
Tel. Tel.: +254-020-2224561/3311641/3311608