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INDECOPI, through the Standardization and Non-tariff Barriers Surveillance Commission (CNB), is the Peruvian Standardization Body. It has 128 Technical Standardization Committees and 109 Subcommittees that develop standards in 15 sectors of national interest. The Committees are made up of institutions and experts from the public and private spheres representing the interests of producers, consumers and the technical and academic sector. In 2013, it updated and approved 472 Peruvian Technical Standards in the following main sectors: agribusiness, construction and sanitation, environment, health and safety, and chemical and electric technology. At an international level, it participates in 41 committees, as follows: as a full ISO Member in 29 Technical Committees, 1 Working Group at TMB level (Social Responsibility) and 4 Political Committees; as a Member of IEC's Affiliate Country Programme in 3 Technical Committees; and in the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 4 global committees, in coordination with the country's focal point. At a regional level, it is a Member of COPANT,CAN and PASC. INDECOPI approves the Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) in accordance with Annex 3 of the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. It participates, with the right to speak and vote, in the Technical Committees for which it is a full Member, as well as in the mirror committees of international bodies (ISO, IEC and CODEX ALIMENTARIUS) that it has established at a national level. INDECOPI, upon consultation with the Technical Standardization Committees and other parties concerned, reviews the Standardization Programme for the following 3 years on an annual basis. The Standardization Work Plan 2013-2015 has been published on INDECOPI's institutional web portal. INDECOPI acts as focal point for the national information service on technical standards and voluntary procedures of conformity assessment.

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